Scots love to complain about the weather – Favorite weather related words

Scots love to complain about the weather – Favorite weather related words

Yes, John Muir was a Scotman, here are some of the best Scottish weather-related words which you probably won’t find in his writings from his years in Yosemite as the weather is a smitch better there.

A few Scottish Words And Phrases To Describe The Weather


Meaning dreary, gloomy, bleak, miserable, grey, depressing, devoid of sunshine… you get the picture! The mothership of all Scottish weather words and used more times that cans of Irn-Bru are opened, it’s no shocker that ‘dreich’ was voted by Scots as the nation’s most favourite word in a government poll.

A Dreich Day In Scotland | © Neil Williamson / Flickr

A Dreich Day In Scotland | © Neil Williamson / Flickr


Pure Baltic 

It’s absolutely (insert swear word) freezing to the point that you will probably be chitterin’ (shivering) away.


Frightfully freezing to the point that it feels like the weather is piercing your skin.


A muckle (large) snowflake.

A Dreich Day In Glasgow | © Rory / Flickr

A Dreich Day In Glasgow | © Rory / Flickr


Dinnae fret for a ‘fret’ is a piercingly chilly and damp mist hurtling in from the sea.


Can be applied to those squirmy moments when clamminess cloaks you and warm, uncomfortable dampness sets in due to those horrid, humid days.

Bullet Stanes 

Quite simply, hail stones.


Totally and utterly soaked to the bone, drenched, sodden, soaking. If your clothes are ‘drookit’ then you clearly didnae hae a brolly (umbrella) or perhaps the rain was so torrential that the brolly couldn’t stop your clothes fae being drookit!


When the rain comes down with gusto and great strength.


That alluring and evocative twilight dusk that descends upon a place in the early hours of the evening. Dates back to the fifteenth-century in an old Scots text: ‘the glomyng of the nycht’.

Gloaming Sunset At Saltcoats Harbour | © Robert Brown / Flickr

Gloaming Sunset At Saltcoats Harbour | © Robert Brown / Flickr


The word ‘oorlich’, meaning undesirably damp, nippy, cold and chilly is a grand chance to accentuate the Scots ‘ich’ sound. NOT to be pronounced ‘oor-lick’!

Storm Descending On Cairnwell | © Neil Williamson / Flickr

Thank you to The Culture Trip for providing this inspiration, please visit their site for the complete list of 27 words.

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